earth._200.jpgAfter Finlay (book)

After Your Baby Dies (free E-book)

Asleep in Heaven's Nursery (book)

Beyond Pregnancy Loss (book)

Drug Watch (information about medications that cause serious birth defects)

International Vasa Previa Foundation (research, resources)

Mayo Clinic - Congenital Heart Disease (research)

My Miscarriage Matters (online support for survivors of miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant loss; support for loved ones too)

Rev. Sheri Perl (free, online prayer service)

The Compassionate Friends (support groups)

Topamax Side Effects  (up to date information about the side effects of Topamax)

TTTS Support (online support for parents who have been affected by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome)

University of Adelaide (ongoing research)

Walk with Jude (step by step program for overcoming loss)